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Case Study 1

Not sure what to expect?  This is Sue’s journey with Bright Butterfly

Mum gains the confidence to be herself after years of ‘mental health issues’

Chapter 1

Sue a 38-year-old mum of 3, contacted me in quite an emotional state, exasperated with how she was feeling and worried how this was affecting her and her young family.

During our 30-minute telephone consultation I encouraged Sue to describe what challenged her in her life and listened as she described how her life from the age of 18 had been plagued by depression and how the feeling of doubt and lack of confidence had become so overwhelming since the birth of her children.

“I am a bad person” and “I just want to be normal.”

I gathered the key points to Sue’s current situation and confirmed that my therapy service could help her.

As Sue had experienced issues over a long period of time and had numerous symptoms I recommended that we work with my ‘Shine formula for Anxiety of self-belief,’ 4 sessions combining hypnotherapy, coaching and trauma tools. 

The aim of this programme is to reduce the anxiety, deal with the root causes and then work on improving confidence and self-belief.  It was important to address the issues that have been affecting Sue for half of her life.  We planned the dates in on the call, she was so relieved to finally have taken some action and responsibility for herself.

During session 1 – I gathered more details on her symptoms and challenges.  This is important as now we are face to face and Sue was feeling safe in my therapy room having met me.  

She explained that she thought events early in her childhood meant she never achieved anything, she had no career, she felt she had failed and feared failing as a mother.  She was angry at herself and also scared of the future, scared at being able to be a capable mum.  She described how upset and guilty she felt after the birth of her son, as she was so poorly after birth that she spent 4 days apart from her first new born.  She felt challenged by her baby’s eating patterns and that this was all her fault.  She described her emotional level as being so heightened that she felt physical pain.

To move her forward and complete the right therapies, we continued to explore how she wants to be and how she wants to feel.   For someone with depression or anxiety this can often be difficult to describe or believe it can happen.    Encouraged, Sue described wanting to have peace of mind, accept herself and feel normal.

When people experience anxiety they will often explain how normal situations feel traumatic, like getting ready to go out with friends, travelling on a train or taking the kids to school.  I always complete hypnosis in the first session, after talking hypnosis really helped Sue to relax and get used to how hypnosis can help her.  I provide an explanation before we get started.

Sue puts on her headset so she can hear me and music specific for hypnosis.  She is relaxed in the chair and I start her therapy with an ‘Ego strengthening’ hypnosis which focuses on getting the client to relax, visualise a safe place of peace and look towards the future, with direct suggestion and visualisation.  It allows the subconscious mind to start to gain some trust and belief in self and confidence to move forward.

I completed an awakening to bring Sue back to being fully alert, but relaxed and able to drive. She really enjoyed the experience and said she felt so relaxed and refreshed.  I explained how she could access what we covered as a recording to use over the next week and that we would repeat this each week.

On returning the following week, Sue described how much calmer and positive she felt and had worried less; great progress in one week.

Session 2 focused on her anxiety and we identified 5 key areas and prioritised them by scoring the level of distress these areas create.  Using a technique called Emotional Freedom technique, I worked with Sue on her feelings of ‘not feeling good enough’ (related to a lot of her feelings as a mum) this scored a 10 (high) and reduced to zero.  We then did a hypnosis session on her anxiety, using imagery, suggestion and symbols to enable her to let go of all the things that cause her anxiety.  She described the release of emotion and felt lighter.

Session 3 she reported really positive progress as we continued to work on self-esteem and resolving the ‘guilt’ she experienced after her son’s birth through hypnosis.   Sue was looking more relaxed and positive.  She described feeling less agitated, calmer with the children and in various situations, and had higher levels of self-esteem and a brighter outlook.  She described that the ‘fog’ was lifting.

Sue’s was looking more relaxed and positive she described feeling less agitated, calmer with the children and in various situations and had higher levels of self-esteem and a brighter outlook.  She described that the ‘fog’ was lifting.

Session 4 was early New Year and she described feeling so different as she left the old and came into the new year. She could actually describe ‘feeling at peace with herself, being very in control and was not dwelling on the negative.    I love it when clients describe a feeling of peace; acceptance and ease with oneself is such a great feeling!  

At this stage I use Solution focused hypnotherapy and worked with Sue to enable her to move forward with new found confidence and motivation and create her future.  

After the sessions, it was great to hear from Sue. She was feeling confident as a mum and had also started her own business from home, fantastic!

Case study 2

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