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Bright Butterfly Hypnotherapy and Coaching

The Transformational Coach

Coaching is about ‘Helping people to unlock their potential to perform’  T.Gallway.

It is about helping you to find your inner strength, confidence, self-belief, untangle your thoughts and make decisions.

I work with individuals and organisations who are wanting to improve some aspect of what they do, whether that is: – Personal/Life Coaching, or Performance Coaching.

My Coaching programme also has a specific Weight loss protocol, providing a unique way to address deep rooted eating patterns and relationships with food.


Whatever you need, whatever your definition of success I believe you need these 4 elements. 

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Belief

The first three can be acquired with time, support and hard work!  It is the self-belief that is harder to get, and no one can really teach it or give it to you, it comes from within! Perhaps you have a goal, a dream job or lifestyle; you have the knowledge and skills, you want to do it, but something stops you. This is where coaching comes in!

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Why do you need coaching?  Do any of these resonate with you? Then Coaching can help you!

  • You are struggling to answer you own questions, maybe you have talked endlessly to friends and family, pondered on many quotes, searched websites/FB for answers but you still don’t know what to do
  • Stuck, procrastinating, wasting time and feeling lonely and challenged
  • You sometimes feel that you just cannot do something you would really like to
  • You limit yourself from getting on with life
  • You sometimes fear something when there’s no real reason to do so

What I do

Chrysalis Coaching Programme 

Combining my skills as a Coach with the BWRT® therapy and Coaching programme which is itself a step ahead of more traditionally-based methods because it searches out and resolves your inner conflicts and challenges.

The Chrysalis Coaching programme covers the following-bwrt-logo

  1. Goal setting and identifying barriers
  2. A personality assessment of both public and private self
  3. Use BWRT® to destroy innate restrictive processes
  4. Defining the most effective goal focus
  5. Assess the personality-related resources for suitability
  6. Activate dormant resources where necessary
  7. Suspend blocks with the emergency stop
  8. Discover hidden conflict and resistance issues
  9. Use BWRT® to resolve private self/public self-inhibition and conflict
  10. Activate the goal focus personality for total success

The whole® BWRT coaching process is unique, though the areas highlighted above are what makes the big difference as using BWRT® will knock down the brick walls that you face to allow you to create new ways of thinking and being. 

What is involved?

Chrysalis Coaching Programme and Coaching for Weight loss

  • A personality assessment of both public and private self
    • 10 hours of coaching
      • Two half days or three x 2 hour sessions (Ideally over one week)
      • By the end of the 6 hours you will have clear defined goals that fit with your life and resources
      • You will have eliminated/reduced resistance and blockers with BWRT® initial goals
      • You will understand your drivers and motivations for success

Three 60 minute Skype or Face to Face coaching sessions on your journey to success.

To find out more about how I can help you, contact me for a FREE 45-minute telephone consultation, I’d love to hear from you