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Bright Butterfly Hypnotherapy & Coaching

For Health, Self-Belief and Performance

I help people to interrupt that pattern of thinking and feeling and help them create their desired way of being.

Perhaps you want to overcome fears, phobias, health issues, anxiety or depression and want to live with calmness, confidence and control.

Maybe you feel like you have hit a brick wall; anxiety and fear has crept in and is blocking your path. I help you to bulldoze that wall, interrupt patterns of outdated thoughts and feelings and create the confidence to act and achieve your goal.

Achieve change with Coaching, Hypnotherapy and BWRT®

Many come to me affected by the following and experience symptoms and limitations in an assortment of ways.

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Panic Attacks
  • Habits
  • Nail biting
  • Smoking cessation
  • Addictions
  • Blushing
  • Weight loss
  • Food addictions
  • Emotional eating
  • Sexual problems
  • Public speaking
  • Pain management
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Fears & phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low confidence
  • Performance issues

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Working with me

Focussed 2-hour session – Ready for take-off?

This two-hour session enables you to address any issue that you are trying to resolve.  You may be clear on what is troubling your and your outcomes.  This is ideal for working with a specific fear or phobia or habit cessation.  You are likely to be wanting to unravel one problem and we can focus on this goal in the two hours.

This can be completed by Skype or at my therapy rooms.

Contact me for a consultation.

‘I have always appeared to my friends, family and colleagues as outgoing and confident.  Well it appears not this is not always the case. I was recently appointed as Chairperson to the local Community Association in the village where I live. I was used to speaking at meetings as a member, but all of a sudden this was something different! I had to speak to everybody with some authority.

So, I had Focussed session with Jo Cook.  Not for hypnotherapy as I have done before, but a new technique where she managed to get deep into my mind and clear out somethings that had always been bothering me. Result!  The meeting was a resounding success and I was praised by all for my preparation and control of the meeting.’    Thanks Jo, P

Thank you, you are my wife’s new best friend. T

Thank you, I am sleeping so much better, 8 hours a night and so much calmer all round. G

Can’t recommend this lady enough, Brilliant. S

Sparkle Formula for Weight loss and Vitality

A program of 4+ sessions, to enable you to gain a better relationship with food, address emotional challenges and gain self-worth and focus.

This is not a diet and requires commitment to change.

This is for you if: –

You’re tired of diets, unhappy with your weight and on cycle of self- destructive emotional eating

If there was a diet or weight loss programme I can guarantee that I’d tried it at some point during the past 30 years, mostly with only short  lived success, minimal weight loss and out of pocket!  However, during my consultations with Joanna, I immediately felt comfortable with her, sharing my feelings and experiences of emotional eating in a safe, very comfortable environment, discussing my constant battle with food and unhappiness with myself.  D

A couple of months back I felt as though I had finally reached rock bottom with my weight. I had spent the last 14 years going from one diet to another, only to finish that diet and then put all of the weight back on, plus more. I felt absolutely disgusted with myself and couldn’t ascertain how I was going to find the strength to turn this around.

I have recently completed the sparkle package and can honestly say that this is the best I have ever felt. The package that jo has created isn’t a diet or fad, it’s a system that gives you the tools to succeed in achieving your weight loss goals. Along with losing weight, I feel that I have found an inner peace within myself as I have truly been able to free myself from being controlled by food.

Jo is an exceptional hypnotist, support and guide who, I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you, Jo, for having such a positive impact on my life. I know with the tools and guidance you have given me, that I will smash my weight loss goal!  J

Shine formula for Anxiety and Self-Belief

A programme of 4+ sessions, this is for you if you feel anxious and lack confidence and if affects a number of areas of your life.  Maybe you fed up with not being able to control how you think, feel or act?

Find out more, follow the link below or contact me for a consultation.

This lady is fabulous! I have suffered with mental health issues for over 10 years and after seeing Jo, I finally feel like my life is back on track and the future looks bright xx  H


I am a qualified Brain Writing Recursive Therapy® Life Coach, NLP Life coach, and Executive Coach level 5 (Henley Business School). 

I am also a Chartered member of the CIPD

The ‘Chrysalis Coaching Programme’ will help you to achieve your goals.

If you can relate to any of the following it is just for you!

Limiting beliefs


Negative thoughts

Life events are troubling you

You know something is stopping you

do you feel different inside to how other see you or how you behave?

Or do you just feel that you are not doing what your ‘life purpose’ is


Believe in Change


Every session was very useful and I always came away feeling motivated and ready to take on new challenges after I learnt new techniques/methods etc.   I have learnt a lot and started out with very low confidence and self beliefs before having the sessions, and now I feel like a totally different person. I enjoy my job again, am not afraid to take on new challenges and my self belief has shot up. I am much more confident and all the help I have had has had a massive impact in my work in a very positive way. I am a much happier person, both at work and at home because I have a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you so much for all the help Jo.


Jo has that ‘magic’ ingredient of asking just the right questions to open your eyes immediately and allow to realise something immediately that I had failed to see clearly myself even after weeks/months of reflection.

Jo was very empathetic but also had real focus on results, a great balance between helping you take constructive action (and when I needed it, could be quite prescriptive in order to help to me do it) but also being calm and accepting of where you are.

I found my time with Jo really terrific, she allowed me to feel ‘it’s not me, I’m ok’ whilst also tackling some subjects that were very personal and difficult for me, but she gave me a great sense of ease and I felt I was in a ‘safe pair of hands’ who really had some insight and shared that with me so I could take positive action. S

To find out more about how I can help you, contact me for a FREE 45-minute telephone consultation, I’d love to hear from you


The Best time to plant an Oak Tree was 20 years ago,

the second best time is
Chinese proverb

To find out more about how I can help you, contact me for a FREE 45-minute telephone consultation, I’d love to hear from you


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