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Shine Formula for Anxiety and Self-belief

Confidence to be who you want to be

It is so frustrating when you worry all the time about how you may feel and constantly worry how you may look in front of others. Panicking about whether you cope, will someone criticise you.  It takes so much time to do a job because you constantly check it’s done properly and you are never sure.

It’s draining when you feel tense all the time, you can’t face that job, test, person or situation and you are really not sure how you will control your reactions.  Will you will cry, hideaway or worse still a full on panic attack kicks in?

It’s hard if you feel like many opportunities are not being taken because you are scared, or convinced you will fail anyway. So many things you would like to do, even simple things and you know you are missing out.

If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone!

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The ‘‘Shine formula for anxiety and self-belief’ can help you:-

  • To Gain the confidence and self-belief to set and achieve new goals
  • To be more relaxed, calmer and at ease with yourself
  • Free yourself of negative thoughts and think positively
  • Find inner peace to be who you are
  • Achieve what you want to achieve!

Shine formula for anxiety and self-belief’ helps you to deal with unhelpful patterns of thinking and acting.  I help you to maximise your confidence and coping techniques.  Working with you on why you feel this way and identify more positive, helpful ways of thinking and feeling.

I use a variety of effective techniques; BWRT®, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Coaching to help you to emerge from your old patterns of thinking and realise your goals. 

What does it involve

  1. Four therapy Sessions: One x 90 minutes Three x 60 minutes
  2. One 45 minute Skype Coaching sessions
  3. Hypnotherapy recordings

To find out more about how I can help you, contact me for a FREE 45-minute telephone consultation, I’d love to hear from you