How often do you question your abilities? Do you have certain projects or tasks that you procrastinate over? Go on, be honest – how long has it been on your to-do list?

How much time have you wasted battling the negative voices in your head or over analysing a future event and imagining the worst?

So what is at the root of this doubt? FEAR! Procrastination or any anxiety is fuelled by fear! Not sure?
Think again about what you are struggling with and ask yourself what do you fear? Is it one of these?
Fear of what could go wrong, fear of failure or being exposed, fear of success, being seen or fear of being hurt, humiliated or loss.
Unfortunately, we experience the same response to FEAR that our ancestors did when they were being chased by a Tiger, Bear or tribal foes. When we encountered these threats to our survival we would instinctively attack, run or hide; otherwise known as ‘fight, flight freeze.’

In modern life, the brain still triggers a survival response; you run away from the activity, or hide so you are not visible or just freeze (procrastinate). The result is our energies don’t go into solving the problem, learning, thinking straight or doing our best work. Our energies are now in an outdated, unwanted, useless, perhaps irrational, but understandable (scientific) protection mode.

If this is happening to you then you are probably saying or thinking: –

  • Why do I sometimes feel that I just cannot do something I would really like to?
  • Why do I so often limit myself from getting on with life?
  • Why do I sometimes fear something when there’s no real reason to do so?

So what can you do? Here’s my 5 tips

  1. Identify the negative self-talk and notice the impact in your body, accept the thoughts and let go of them, don’t get on the ‘train of thought.’
  2. Visualise success – relax, breath and create a movie of you succeeding at the task.
  3. An alternative is to this method, is to create and ‘As If’ frame. See yourself as you want to be, put a frame around it and go out and act ‘as if’ it is true.
  4. Do the thing on your list that you have been delaying first, identify it, set a goal and do it first thing in the day, you will feel awesome!
  5. Deal with previous experiences – now this one may be a little more difficult. Do you have a repetitive image that plays over in your mind? If you can still picture yourself in a really embarrassing situation, maybe a presentation;- first get it clear in your mind and note any feeling or sensation and where this is in your body. Now fade out that image and make it smaller and smaller un till it disappears. Then create that ‘as if frame’ and see yourself being successful, note how that feels and now fill that space in your body with that positive feeling.
All good to go, get on with that list!

Now if you still have something stopping you and it feels very uncomfortable and you feel you would need help to use these tools and overcome your fear, Contact me for more information on how I can help. I would love to hear from you.