Happy February!  How are you feeling about your New Year’s resolutions?  I hope they have gone well?    Did you start the New Year with good intentions; have you survived your plan…. or you are finding them difficult to stick too, resenting them maybe? Whether it was start slimming, lose some weight, stop smoking or start a new hobby, improve your confidence and performance; these can all be tough challenges if we have entrenched behaviours and habits!

Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your goals easily.   How? Check out what is happening in your brain.

  1. When we set goals; they are more successful if we can imagine them happening. If we tune in to our senses; so we need to hear and see what is happening and feel what it is like when we are successful.
  2. Our imagination works more effectively when in a hypnotic state. Solution focussed Hypnotherapy allows a state of deep relaxation to enable you to visualise your goals.
  3. The Conscious Mind helps with our daily decision-making processes. It applies rational thought to enable us to use our experiences to work out how to deal with situations. However, it is easily overloaded and once it has learned how to do things it then passes it on to the subconscious mind; forming our habits and behaviours.
  4. The Subconscious Mind is the biggest section of our mind and operates on automatic pilot. It is involved with our emotions, imagination and memories. So if we feel like eating chocolate, it finds memories of eating chocolate, remembers the taste, the feeling and then you have to fight the compelling urge to eat chocolate.
  5. The subconscious mind is powerful and can deal with many complex instructions (breathing, hearing, healing, digesting food, etc) at any one time but is not ‘intelligent’ and can be slow to act. The subconscious mind always has a reason for what it does but the reason may not be easily understood by us and may be outdated or no longer useful to us.  Tuning into the subconscious mind in Hypnosis provides the opportunity to activate rapid behavioural change.
  6. It is more powerful than the conscious mind and will always win; this is why we find it difficult to give up habits and unwanted behaviours. Hypnotherapy enables us to talk directly to the subconscious, persuading it and enabling it to change preconditioned ways of reacting.  So you will choose something healthy over chocolate.


So you want to feel good at the end of February and breeze into March, why not do something different and try hypnosis.