Warrior, Settler and Nomad

Ever felt like you needed to rely on your own inner strengths and resources more effectively? Perhaps you felt uncomfortable behaving the way you were expected to because it doesn’t feel like someone you truly are. This is because right now you are likely only relying on one of your inner team.

You are likely relying on one of the these naturally:

Warriors are methodical, self-reliant, and think on their feet.

Settlers like to share, find communication/friendship vital, and are empathetic.

Nomads seek change, excitement, and love new experiences.

But we have all three inside of us. Through coaching you can learn to use and rely on your warrior, settler, and nomad more effectively to achieve your goals and ease your way through life. Your inner team are here to help you.

Fantastic for performance, relationships, and helping you in your life.

This is a five+ session life coaching hypnotherapy programme delivered to clients in Staffordshire, Stoke, and Congleton; analysing your profile and developing your inner resources and providing you with the tools to build your resilience and achieve your goal.

Warrior, Settler and Nomad