Anxiety When we go through periods of stress or have setbacks, anxiety can become an issue where it was otherwise non-existent.

Some people experience anxiety on a day to day basis but some only experience it once or twice a year. There is a very broad spectrum to how anxiety works and effects different lives. Therefore, despite its commonality, everyone has an individual experience of this condition.

Whether you’re suffering once a day or once a year, the effects of leaving anxiety unchecked can hinder you in your life, your courage to move forward, and make change. Many people suffer anxiety around negative life experiences but lack the courage to make significant change because they feel that anxiety controls them. It can become a vicious cycle but it is one that can be broken.

Everyone has different and fluctuating experiences that mould their coping mechanisms, whether this be in positive or negative ways. There are steps that can be taken to relearn or bolster healthy coping mechanisms that will prevent you from descending into an anxious episode and enable you to feel confident in the face of adversity. Identifying negative and spiralling thoughts, insecurities, or worries is the first step of taking back control of your feelings.

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