Want to make changes in your life? Are you caught in a spiral of turmoil at the prospect of transforming your life?

A transformation can mean many things. Most commonly, transformation makes us think of change. What shifts are you experiencing in your life right now? A change in relationship status? A bereavement? Are you struggling with ill health? Facing a change in career? Challenging situations or relationships at work or Everything in life can feel like a transformation.

And as much as we may wish to change our status quo from time to time, when it presents itself, change can be incredibly scary. We doubt out worth, skills and sabotage opportunities to move forwards.

When we think of change, it often helps to picture the ‘Unfreeze, Change and Refreeze’ model devised by Kurt Lewin. The most painful stage can be ‘Unfreeze’. Is this where you are now? You may feel a degree of uncertainty and be unable to see your end goal. You may feel a withdrawal at the removal of what was familiar to you. But this all means that you get to redesign, move forward and secure a new way of life. Your very own ‘Refreeze’.

I’ve experienced transformation in my life; both yearned for and unexpected. I’ve felt pain, stuck and out of my depth, but I’ve also felt pleasure and achievement. By doing new things I’ve learnt skills and felt proud of myself for doing so.

That is why I use the symbol of the butterfly. It is my animal totem. It follows me everywhere and I know I’m not alone. The butterfly symbolises metamorphosis and the ability to emerge from important changes with grace and lightness. Yet leaving the cocoon can be painful when it first begins; much like the ‘Unfreeze’ stage. Many people like to hide away during this part of the process to heal and reflect before emerging as a different person. Butterflies represent this rebirth and renewal.

So how can you achieve this transformation? We need to consider our core self and the behaviours this drives.

A period of reflection and introspection will allow you to define your goals to create the life/job/ result you want. Planning to let go of the old and bring in the new will help you to align your goal to your values and beliefs. To do so, you need to really believe in your goal and remain focused. You need to let go of your limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and outdated behaviours and replace them with new skills and ways of thinking. You may also need to change your environment or let go of people who are a threat to achieving your goal.

Now you’re probably thinking that all this sounds scary. And it is. Change is difficult. But look at the butterfly, it IS worth it.

To emerge from your cocoon and become the brilliant butterfly you were always meant to be, you need to:
1. Take time to think about what you want. An end goal is not to be rushed! Write it down, doodle, draw pictures – whatever it takes! Now visualise your goal. Create it in your mind and then put it into your subconscious so it believes you have already achieved your desired results.
2. Check the alignment of your goal – how does it fit with the rest of your life? What actions will you need to take? Write them down.
3. List your negative thoughts and turn them into positive affirmations.

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Core identity

Embrace the journey!