What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has become one of the most recognised forms of complementary therapy available and, as a result, a question I get asked frequently is ‘what is hypnotherapy?’

June Newsletter Article

I work with men and women who are tired of dieting and unhappy with their weight but still can’t take control of their emotional eating. Together, we can work to help you regain power over

Tips for keeping yourself motivated

Tips for motivation Have you ever woke up feeling really motivated, ready to take over the world and plough through that never ending to do list? Then all of a sudden its gone? When we


Exams NHS statistics sites 1 in 4 adults will experience mental health problems in a given year, so we have probably experienced anxiety, stress or depression ourselves or are close to someone who is. The

Spring blog

Spring blog Spring is a beautiful time of the year, favourite for many, with longer days, more sun on our skin; it’s a time of rejuvenation and renewal.  The trees are in bud and the yellow

Don’t Diet – Detox

Last month I introduced my top 3 ways to lose weight! 1. Don’t Diet – Detox 2. Count vitamins – not calories 3. Balance your hormones This month I wanted to focus on point 1.