Yes, hypnotherapy can be successfully achieved online!! I use it with my clients and for myself.

The main sense that you are using is your hearing. For the therapist, I can see and hear you. And I work with the client to establish the rapport and listen and observe.

There are many benefits to the client having online hypnotherapy

  1. You’re in the comfort of your own home, with blankets and cushions and sometimes your pet. Yes, they love hypnosis too!
  2. You don’t have to travel to a clinic.
  3. Communication is not hindered by a mask or visor.
  4. Afterwards you can enjoy a cup of tea or go for your favourite walk.


The top questions I get asked is – How do you deal ‘reading body language?’

We set the screen so that I can see most of the clients’ upper body. So, when working online I can see your body language and I am in the main, observing changes in your eye movement, facial expressions and changes in your breathing. Of course, for the client, 80% of the session is spent in ‘hypnosis.’

I provide information on the Zoom set up and I spend the initial part of the session getting to know each other and I explain how the session will work and we have a practice at hypnosis. All the things that I would do in a therapy room to put someone at ease.

If you are still not sure, listen to one of my recordings, check out one of my videos you will see how easily you go into trance in your own surroundings.

Want to find out more, we can also hold a consultation via Zoom too.

I’d love to help you out so that you still manage to get the support you need, during these difficult times.

Much love