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3 Reasons for weight gain or difficulty in losing weight 1. Type B nutrition! Extremely common in industrialised societies. I am sure you can relate to this – it is having enough calories but not

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Got a tough Decision to make?


Have you ever had that awkward feeling in the pit of your stomach; when an exciting opportunity presents itself, but it feels wrong? If I don’t do it will it look like I hadn’t tried;

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Do you hold yourself back?


How much do you question your ability, procrastinate and waste time battling the negative voices in your head? Do you over analyse an up and coming event and imagine the worst? Demanding jobs, family stresses;

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I hadn’t even realised I hadn’t thought about my weight before my birthday


You know what it feels like....well I missed my target for my 40th, 41st my 42nd, 43,rd  44th 45th and 46th birthdays, and this year, I had not even noticed that I had not obsessed about

I hadn’t even realised I hadn’t thought about my weight before my birthday2018-05-23T19:40:22+00:00