Another sleepless night… tossed and turned, can’t get comfy; so yet another day tired and at the mercy of nagging pain.  Will it ever, ever stop?  Take some more tablets, go back to bed to try and ignore it…. carry on but feel so grumpy everyone gets a raw deal. It is certainly not fun.

Though it can feel that way as it gets us down, you are not alone!  Between 8 and 10 million people in the UK suffer from chronic pain.

At my worst times it was really frightening, particularly when you end up in hospital or can’t get any relief.  Hypnotherapy made a difference for me, when I was suffering with back pain; I was unable to bend even to clean my teeth, I was relying on my daughter to be ‘my back’ to do household stuff.

I was about to embark on a Coaching and Hypnotherapy course and after a few days I started to notice a change; the pain shifted…. I felt more relaxed, I was able to concentrate and I was starting to move better.  It made a great difference and supported the medical treatment I was having.

Hypnotherapy can reduce pain by changing the way you respond to pain signals, and it stimulates the brain’s natural analgesic response.  It enables you to relax, sleep more effectively and find coping mechanisms for you to manage your pain.  It can reduce anxiety and emotions that ‘feed’ the pain.

This article by the National Council for Hypnotherapy explains the many benefits from chronic pain, back pain, IBS to child birth.

Want to take some action, to try something new to manage your pain follow the link… Believe in Change Pain reduction programme