At any point in life you could encounter a period of time in which you feel indecisive, as though you don’t know what you want or need for the best. My life coaching in Stoke can help. If you can’t see the fire for the smoke then it is much harder to feel confident that you’re making the right choices to solve your problems.

Life coaching is designed to help you see what you’re facing more clearly, identify why you’re not feeling confident, and empower you to move forward into the future with clarity and certainty. A coach can help you to make change on a personal level that will help you continue to face tougher challenges and achieve your goals throughout life.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Setting and visualising your goals is the first step towards achieving them, so we will ensure that going into life coaching you can envision what you want to achieve by the end of it. Then we will identify barriers that are preventing you from achieving your desires and work to break them down. Whether this involves destroying innate restrictive processes using BWRT® or uncovering conflict and resistance you were unaware of. Alongside other methods, these processes will help you activate the skills for success.

What is Involved?

My life coaching in Stoke takes place over an average of 8 sessions, or twelve hours, over around 10 weeks. As long as you attend our sessions with a genuine wish for change and a commitment to practicing these techniques then you will be able to benefit from life coaching.

What Next?

If you want to turn your life around or accelerate your progression towards new or longstanding goals, then book a free phone consultation of up to 30 minutes to see if life coaching is right for you. Book here or explore the website for more information.