Have you ever had that awkward feeling in the pit of your stomach; when an exciting opportunity presents itself, but it feels wrong?

If I don’t do it will it look like I hadn’t tried; I hadn’t thought about it before, so should I digress? If I do… is it the right decision?

You know you’re offered an opportunity that wasn’t on your radar something new that looks good and flatters you.

How do you make the right decision?

A great way is to just talk it through; I mean just talk… with someone who will just listen a friend… a coach?

No interruptions, no advice or judgement, just listen.

Wow, just talking and listening helps you listen to yourself, I had this dilemma and after talking it through I came to a conclusion, sounds great but this was not on my plan, and it’s not on my plan for a reason.

Some while ago I set on my new venture.  This required a great deal of soul searching and from that I defined what is important to me; my values and my goals for business and family.

So when talking…I heard loud and clear my inner voice, my values my compass; saying that it is an opportunity though it’s not what you are seeking… keep on your track it is the right one…..

So what can you do?

  • Identify what is important to you
  • Set balanced goals for all areas of your life
  • Make them compelling, imagine them embed them
  • Make a start, make a plan and then get out of your own way and make a start!

Sounds easy?  Well sometimes you need help and Coaching is a great way to help you identify what you want, make decisions and deal with new challenges. 

So be brave, believe in change and give it a go X

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