Fed up with outdated habits?

Habits can affect our confidence, our time, finances… our lives.  Yes, frustrating, sometimes disgusting, but you don’t seem to have an off switch and on  ‘autopilot.’ You know you want to stop but something overtakes you and you just end up repeating old habits, that annoy you…and maybe others.

The unconscious mind is that part that holds every piece of information we have ever learned. It holds all our beliefs, memories, habits, opinions, ideas, thoughts, knowledge – everything that we can consider to be part of our minds. It is here that we need to work to access the unconscious thoughts and change the pattern of thought and response.

Firstly, you will need help to stop engaging in automatic behaviour such as smoking or overeating. Then we need to develop positive automatic behaviours and sustain change.

There are many habits that become problematic and I know you want to solve them.  Here are some of the common ones.

Binge eating
Hair pulling
Skin picking


Working with me

Following a telephone consultation where we discuss your needs we will agree on how we will work together and I will advise on the approximate number of sessions.

The first step is to get talking and we can go from there.  Booking a telephone consultation can be done at any time, just click on the ‘consultation tab,’ below.