Many of us have struggled for years with our weight. Restarting a diet or weight-loss programme can feel like going into battle (again!), but hypnotherapy could help you to shift the pounds – for good!

Hypnotherapy could make as difference…. find out how by doing something different…. here are 5 reasons why it could help you!

  1. Do you find it difficult to imagine you as your ideal weight? Do you lack belief that it could happen? Our imagination works more effectively when in a hypnotic state.  When we set goals; they are more successful if we can imagine them happening. Bright Butterfly provides a 5 session mindset programme; in week 1 we will together set your goals and plan your journey to succeed.
  2. Need some new habits… healthy ones? Hypnotherapy helps you to choose the right food and drink so it can feel less like a diet, research* shows that those trying to lose weight are more likely to have stuck to it, for a longer period of time. In week 2 you will learn how to relax and go into a safe hypnotic state and learn how to enjoy healthy eating and eat less food.
  3. Our negative automatic thoughts, (NAT’s) are what drives us to the biscuit tin, the bag of crisps, the second bar of chocolate etc….etc…. in week 3 you will learn how to STOP your NAT’s and break the cycle of long standing habits and behaviours.   Long standing habits are unlearnt and new ones formed.
  4. Exercise is a great way to lose weight, we all know that. But are you still lacking enthusiasm to get up and get out into the cold, not got exercise as part of your daily/weekly life. Hypnotherapy can help you to be more focussed on your exercise, motivating you to do what you want.  In wk 4, we focus on yourself image and help you to improve your motivation to exercise.
  5. Do you battle with emotional eating? Are you not sure on why you overeat? Our beliefs about food and the way we eat are formed in our early years; and we may have bad habits that we hold onto.  Hypnosis can help with emotional eating by addressing the cause and release unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Well that gives you 5 reasons to start thinking about doing something different.  “Do what you have always done, get what you have always got…..think like you have always thought….get the same thoughts!”  Try something new.

Think Better | Feel Better | Live Better