Feel calmer and more focused during exams

Whether you’re young or old, exam stress can get on top of you, leaving you feeling anxious or nervous, having difficulty sleeping or losing your appetite. Study fatigue slows down your ability to learn, concentrate and retain information. Panicking about exams is completely counterproductive, but not worrying about them is a lot easier said than done.

My Get Exam Fit sessions can help you:

  • To overcome procrastination and encourage motivation
  • To gain the focus to study and visualise your longer-term goals
  • To improve your concentration and recall
  • To increase your sleep and relaxation
  • To enhance your confidence

The course will run over three sessions and will help you to deal with unhelpful patterns of thinking and acting. Using a variety of techniques such as BWRT®, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Coaching, I will help you or your child to maximise both confidence and coping techniques. I will also provide you with the information and tools to support you on your journey.

Get Exam Fit is suitable for GCSE’s, A-levels, degrees, driving tests or work assessments and will help you to relax and regain your confidence in yourself and your abilities to remain calm and study effectively. After the sessions, you will feel more motivated to study and look after yourself as well as feeling calmer and more focused in your exam. I run both group and one-to-one sessions, or if you have more than one child, I can work with them at the same time.

What does it involve?

Three one-hour sessions: Motivation to Study, Confidence Boost and Enhance Exam Confidence. I provide these therapist clinics in the Stoke, Congleton, and Staffordshire areas. So, if you need help with exam stress, get in touch for a FREE phone consultation today.

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