Shred the weight

Weight management

Weight reduction can be an incredibly frustrating process, despite the compelling reasons for maintaining a healthy weight. Health, fitness, doing more, being a good role model for your children, or just wanting to feel better about yourself.  But, your unhealthy relationship with food has been an issue for a long time, and now it’s challenging to find the motivation and willpower to make a long-term change.

Some of my clients say that “they feel like a failure” after trying multiple diets, which have only seen them slip back into old habits quickly. No one is ever a failure for trying, so if it’s time to take a new approach; if you would love to feel happier with your weight and size, feel healthier, more confident, and in control; then I can help you to find your inner sparkle.

Hypnosis can help with the following:

Secret or binge eating
Overeating – don’t know when to stop
Just not motivated, fear of failure
Change feels overwhelming to change
You can’t do it on your own
Your critical voice keeps you as you are
You have tried everything else
You know what to do, but something stops you
You have had problems with weight all your life
Food is on your mind all the time
You eat for reward, punishment
You eat when emotional


Weight Management
Weight Management

Hypnotherapy for weight loss could be for you if you want to:

  • Find the root cause and understand your unhealthy relationship with food and eliminate old beliefs
  • To change your attitude towards food to make healthy eating a part of your life
  • Help you to overcome the ‘overwhelm’ and believe in your goal
  • To stop overeating, change bad habits
  • Regain control
  • Gain the confidence and self-belief to achieve your weight-loss goal
  • Obliterate your constant battle with food and unhappiness with yourself

*Note: weight loss requires a ‘readiness for change’ and is also dependent on your general state of health and nutrition.

Working with me

Following a telephone consultation where we discuss your needs we will agree on how we will work together and I will advise on the approximate number of sessions.

The first step is to get talking and we can go from there.  Booking a telephone consultation can be done at any time, just click on the ‘consultation tab,’ below.