You know what’s good for your body. You’ve done all the diets, read all the books, followed every celebrity diet-related endorsement, yet you still can’t escape the lure of the biscuit tin after a busy day.

Then you feel bad, in the stomach and bad, “why did I do all of that, I know it’s no good for me, why can’t I have an off switch?”  So you feel so bad about yourself you need a gin and tonic!

“I need an off switch”.

And you can create one…you have learnt all of these behaviours in the past and you can learn new ones now and create your own off switch.  Here are a few ways to do this.

  1. Set yourself a goal; a specific date in time, and what weight you want to be, make it positive, inspirational and exciting
  2. Relax take 3 deep breaths and imagine yourself achieving your goal, picture how you will look and feel
  3. Assess your week, what stops you eating well – identify 3 specific next steps that will make a practical difference. g.
    1. Plan your meals and weekly shop
    2. Make a fruit salad 3 x a week
    3. Walk for 10 mins every day
  4. Create a thought stopping pattern. You start thinking of the biscuit tin, “STOP”, clap your hands, stand up, and do something different.   Eat and apply the new habit such as a walk in the garden, drink a glass of water
  5. Stop the negative self-talk; start being nice to yourself and give yourself some positive affirmations. Some examples below.
  • I owe my body this respect and protection I choose to be slim           
  • I am happy and content – and so relaxed I choose to be healthy
  • I am 100% responsible for my results I like eating healthy food
  • I am getting slimmer every day I love exercising


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With love