You could be experiencing ‘imposter syndrome.’ Are you holding yourself back? You didn’t apply for a promotion or new job you felt a bit of a ‘phony’ and worried you would be caught out. If the success you have, feels like you got lucky and that you don’t really deserve it. Resonate?

If you talk to yourself like a crappy best friend and never feel good enough, you feel like you always need to get one more qualification and constantly doubt yourself, perhaps your limiting beliefs are getting in the way of you achieving what you really desire.

Why does this happen, when you are succeeding, you are qualified and get great reviews?
Perhaps you had a critical parent or teacher or achieving perfection was the only standard and even that was not good enough. Maybe trauma influenced the way you felt about yourself and surroundings. If so, maybe it is time to let go of the old patterns limiting beliefs and critical voice and truly belief in you.
If the above resonates with you then perhaps, it is time to release the caterpillar and become the butterfly! How do you complete the transformation? Please read on…

You can start to make changes with a few simple exercises. Have a go!

1. Identify your limiting beliefs – list the limiting thoughts that you have? Framer the limiting thoughts, write out some positive statements
2. Visualise the best version of you achieving what you want to achieve, hear how you sound, how you look and move. Visualise success.
3. Get some feedback,
4. Drop the ’shoulds’, this is an inner critic voice or you are adopting the expectation of others, the media etc. Think what you want, desire. What do YOU want to do?
5. Connect with your inner child and give him/her some positive self-talk.
6. List your strengths and all the times you have felt proud of an achievement or how you tackled a task. Recognise your achievements, list them an dhow they added value to you and then to others
7. Talk it out, it helps to get another perspective and challenge your thinking.
8. Release the patterns of the subconscious mind with hypnosis and BWRT®

Start to work on these and see how much more confident you are with others and how you are learning and taking on new challenges. When with colleagues, friends and strangers, experience how good it is to ‘feel equal!’

So, release the caterpillar and become the butterfly and find out what it is like to feel authentically you.
Imagine feeling truly in alignment, authentically you! At peace, normal and with knowing your true identity. Imagine what you can achieve with this feeling. Imagine how much more energy and confidence you can have.

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With love
Jo x