Fears and phobias are a form of anxiety that only manifests around a particular trigger – your “fear”. Whether that be clowns, pigeons, or something darker, fears can take a stranglehold on your life if left unchecked in the same way generalised anxiety can. A certain level of fear or anxiety is normal but how do you know when to seek help?

  • Do you recognise the fear is out of proportion to the danger?
  • Do you avoid places or activities because of your fear?
  • Does your fear stop you from completing essential life tasks like using the phone?
  • Does it make you change routines?
  • Have you experienced this fear for more than six months?

If any of the above are true to your life then you should consider seeking help.

What is the difference between a fear and a phobia?


A fear is a type of anxiety that may affect your life occasionally when you are in a particular situation, place etc. You will feel a sense of anxiety or panic that urges you to remove yourself from the situation but you may be able to overcome it with logic and find a way to continue whatever you were doing.


Phobias are characterised by an exaggerated sense of danger in correlation with an object, person, situation, or concept and can run much deeper. You will feel a debilitating sense of panic and may change your entire life and daily habits to avoid the object of your fear.

However, our therapist in Congleton has varied methods that can help to ease your fear and enable you to gain a sense of liberation and freedom!

Some fears can be addressed in as little as one session and you can walk away feeling safe and confident. A phobia can take more sessions as it can take time after initially unravelling the fear to undo the fearful habits in day to day life.

To make a start on feeling better, call our therapist in Congleton for a free telephone consultation and fight your fears. Find out more by visiting the website!