Are you one of the 15%? Do you feel like you are worthless?

You just do not feel important? If you feel like this, I am sure you find it difficult to get on with the simplest of things or stop doing things altogether and live in a constant state of anxiety.

You may have had people say to you; like the article suggests, you just need to ‘snap out of it.’ Not so easy, especially if you have got into the habit of sabotaging your own efforts.
‘Shine formula for Anxiety and Self-belief’ involves five sessions of Hypnotherapy and Coaching to help you to get through your ‘firewall’, and release the reason why this feeling exists to become more confident, happy and relaxed.

Here is a simple exercise; with the aim of starting to focus on what you want to be like without anxiety.
1. Think of a situation where you feel uncomfortable
2. Vividly imagine how you would like to be
3. See yourself in a dissociated mode (like you are watching yourself in a film)
4. See yourself in associated mode (see the scene through your own eyes)
5. Repeat from 3 until it feels easy!
Of course it is sometimes easier to have some help!

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