Stress… why should I learn a way to switch it off

Stress is a word we hear a lot in the world of today! So can we really use hypnotherapy in Stoke-on-Trent to combat this stress? Yes, every single one of us has a built in stress switch, right there in our nervous system and our brain. So wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could reach in and flick the switch!

There are hundreds of relaxation exercises available, mindful training, meditation and physical exercise to reduce stress. These do work at different times for different people.

So it is important to firstly focus on what are the situations in your life that turn on your stress switch? There are many different factors that can cause the switch to flip from calm to crazy lady on a mission. Grab a pen and paper and write a few situations that result in stress for you.

It is important to remember though that not all stress is bad: that buzz you get when faced with a new challenge is exciting. The desire and drive to do something well that you have never done before can give you the energy essential for success. This type of stress tends to be intense but short term and helps us cope with the demands of daily life. This type of stress shouldn’t be on your list as it can sharpen our performance, however, too much consistent bad stress can be devastating.

Below are some examples

Financial situations

  • Change in the economy
  • Loss of income, job or financial assistance
  • A new boss
  • Loss of co-worker
  • Company policy change

Family situations

  • Illness in yourself, your spouse or children
  • Illness in the family
  • Divorce or separation
  • Elderly parent coming to live with you
  • A new financial burden you had not planned

That dreaded word change is back, many people fear change, and it almost always triggers that stress switch. Especially in situations that are closest to you, the ones that affect you the most, our switches seems to develop a mind of their own at this point. We all have a international “trickster”. This trickster are made up of little child parts of ourselves.

Hypnotherapy for relaxation

Learning a simple relaxation exercise is a powerful way to reduce stress and counteract the negative effects off to much tension. Relaxation slows the breathing and heart rate, relaxes the muscles, improves digestion, lowers blood pressure, improves the immune system and improves brain function. The outcome is that you can think clearly enough to find a solution to your problems, and ultimately start turning your situation around and start enjoying life.

If not managed well, the human being is more than capable of mounting and sustaining stress for prolonged periods, sometimes even years. The long time effects can be devastating!   

Lets face it: it’s not a good way to live is it? So what can we do about it? What we can control is how respond to those things

  • Take breaks
  • Breathe well
  • Mindful thinking try meditation
  • Get your basic needs met and eat well.

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