Everyone experiences stress, no one is exempt from worries and doubts, and everyone gets run down or burnt out from time to time. However, if you’re struggling to manage your stress or don’t even remember the last time you weren’t feeling it, then it’s time to seek help.

It’s important to take mental breaks every day to destress and find a sense of peace, even if what is happening around you feels as though it cannot be set aside. Stress makes us lose focus and drive, especially when we feel as though we aren’t ticking things off the dreaded to-do list so much as doing damage control. This means that long periods of stress can lower our ability to cope with life. Things that weren’t previously bothersome become so and things can start to unravel.

So, if you struggle to take mental breaks during periods of stress, you might find you’re becoming overloaded. However, there is help available. Our therapists in Stoke use an individual and analytical approach to discover the root causes of why you’re struggling to relax, even if you’ve been setting time aside to do so.

Once the problems have been identified in the ways you think about stress and how you manage pressure, we can work on freeing you and helping you build coping mechanisms that will allow you to take breaks and mentally recover, in order to regain the energy to fix or cope with the problems around you.

As a secondary effect of feeling less stressed and taking real mental health focused breaks, you may find that physical symptoms such as headaches, IBS, and insomnia are eased.

Our therapists in Stoke are fully equipped to help, so take a small step today and contact us in order to create effective change in your life.