Suffering from mum guilt or a lack of confidence since having your children? After years of struggling with depression and doubt, Sue regained the confidence to embrace her true self…

Still not sure what to expect? After working with me, Sue gained the confidence to be herself after years of ‘mental health issues’. This is her story.

Sue, a 38-year-old mum of three, was fed up with how she was feeling and worried about how it was affecting both herself and her young family.

During our 45-minute telephone consultation, Sue described how she’d been plagued with depression from the age of 18 and that her feelings of doubt and lack of confidence had become overwhelming following the birth of her children.

As Sue had been struggling with her issues for a long time, I recommended my Shine Formula for Anxiety and Self-Belief. Taking place over four sessions, we agreed on a combination of hypnotherapy, coaching and trauma tools to reduce her anxiety and deal with the root causes of it. We would then focus on improving her confidence and self-belief.

In our first session, Sue explained that events which had happened in early childhood had left her feeling like she had never achieved anything. She had no career and feared failing as a mother. Sue was angry at herself, scared of the future and worried about her capabilities as a mum. Following her son’s arrival, Sue was so poorly that she spent the first four days of his life away from him. This was causing her great upset and guilt. She also felt challenged by his eating habits and blamed herself. Sue described her emotional level as being so heightened that she felt it as a physical pain.

I just want to be normal’


When asked how she wanted to feel, Sue said she desired peace of mind, the ability to accept herself and the need to feel ‘normal’. We then moved onto hypnosis, focusing on ego strengthening. I encouraged Sue to relax, visualise a safe place and look towards the future. This allowed Sue’s subconscious mind to start believing in itself and developing the confidence to move forward. Afterwards, Sue said that she really enjoyed the experience and felt relaxed and refreshed. I explained that she could access what we covered as a recording to use over the next week.

The following week, Sue said that she already felt much calmer and more positive, as well as spending less time worrying. In Sue’s second session, we focused on anxiety, identifying five key areas and prioritising them by scoring the levels of distress they created. Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I worked with Sue on her feelings of ‘not being good enough’. Before EFT, Sue scored them as a 10 (the highest possible level). After EFT, this was reduced to zero. We then did another hypnosis session focusing on Sue’s anxiety, including imagery and symbols to enable her to let go of everything that was causing her anxiety. Sue said that she felt like a weight had been lifted.

In her third session, Sue reported positive progress as we continued working on increasing her self-esteem and resolving the guilt she felt following her son’s birth. She looked more relaxed and said that she felt less agitated, calmer with her children and had a brighter outlook on life, as well as having higher levels of self-esteem. Sue described it as a ‘fog’ which was lifting. In Sue’s final session she told me how she felt at peace with herself, in control and was no longer dwelling on negativity. In this session, I used solution-focused hypnotherapy to enable Sue to move forward with her new-found confidence and motivation.

A few months later Sue contacted me to say that she was now feeling confident as a mum and had also started her own business working from home.