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Don’t Diet – Detox


Last month I introduced my top 3 ways to lose weight! 1. Don’t Diet – Detox 2. Count vitamins – not calories 3. Balance your hormones This month I wanted to focus on point 1.

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Got a tough Decision to make?


Have you ever had that awkward feeling in the pit of your stomach; when an exciting opportunity presents itself, but it feels wrong? If I don’t do it will it look like I hadn’t tried;

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Hypno-Band, the virtual gastric band


With Obesity and diabetes on the Increase more and more people are turning to surgery to reduce improve their health. But there are risks to surgery and ‘it’s always recommended that you try to become

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Do you hold yourself back?


How much do you question your ability, procrastinate and waste time battling the negative voices in your head? Do you over analyse an up and coming event and imagine the worst? Demanding jobs, family stresses;

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