Tips for motivation

Have you ever woke up feeling really motivated, ready to take over the world and plough through that never ending to do list? Then all of a sudden its gone? When we learn how to motivate ourselves we also develop self efficacy, off course motivation is not permanent, but then, neither is bathing however doing it regularly is needed.

So how do we go about keeping ourselves motivated? Here are a few ways I find reactivate that motivation and get the blood pumping again!

  1. Exercise and physical activity

Exercise doesn’t just mean going to the gym and undertaking an intense workout, we also need to exercise our minds! Exercising the mind not only keeps the mind active, but also gives you opportunities to learn new things that can improve your knowledge and life. Tryl reading a book – or a blog post and learning new things.

There is also the physical activity, this can be anything from a walk around the block to a spot of yoga. If we have a negative relationship with exercise then we quite often think we will be drained after physical activity. How untrue there are various forms of exercise that will keep you energised, refreshed and motivated. A physical workout doesn’t only help you reduce your weight and tone muscle, it also creates a active meditation process that is refreshing and enlightening.

  • Carry out a motivation review:

We quite often worry about things we can do nothing about, and this wastes time and energy. Carrying out a motivation review can help bring back the energy and enthusiasm that you crave when you have lost your motivation try grabbing a pen and paper and ask yourself a few simple questions about the goal you have set out to achieve (X):

  • What wouldnt happen if i achieved X?
  • What would happen if i achieved X?
  • What would happen if i didn’t achieve X?
  • What wouldnt happen if i didn’t achieve X?

So what happens when you ask yourself these questions? You find your motivators, and not only have you found your motivators but you have them written down in front of you! You have on paper what will and what won’t happen if you do or do not achieve that goal! When you are feeling deflated and the motivation has gone have a re read!

  • Create a support group

Your support group are both essential and invaluable! Find like minded people who you gel with and can rely upon one another to keep motivated and support one and other! A little bit of healthy competition is great for motivation. Choose people you can share your triumphs and failures with. Whether it is friends or family or a significant other, mentors or social media friends, this is incredibly important. Feeling completely alone or having the wrong people around you can be devastating to our motivation.

  • Use your mind – meditate

Don’t shy away until you have tried it! Meditation might just surprise you, by creating calmness in the mind it opens up a great opportunity to gain guidance and insight about various situations in life. It can help spark that creativity you have been craving or look at situations from a different perspective and develop new solutions for the matters you’re dealing with. Meditation Taking time to meditate and connect with yourself and the world around you helps you stay grounded physically, emotionally and psychologically. If you’re able to calm your mind and your emotions you can focus better on the tasks to be completed, and you can consciously recharge whenever you feel drained. One of the most motivating things you can do is rest and renew yourself at regular times


  • The vision

We all have a vision of how we want life to be, so focus on understanding the reasons for this vision and let it be a chance to understand who you really are and where you want to take your life. Revisit your vision regularly and let it lift you

Believe in the vision too!

  • Celebrate your success in steps

Life will always throw out its up and downs! Accepting this fact and when you have lost focus, remembering all the things you have done to get this far and be proud of what you have achieved.We quite often think big and set huge goals, this isn’t to say that they won’t be achieved, but the smaller goals on the journey to the big one are also important to remember and celebrate, things don’t just happen overnight! So stick with a positive mindset and instead of focusing on how far you have to go, celebrate how far you have come!

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