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Hypnosis weight loss

It is so frustrating when you just can’t get motivated to lose weight even though you have many compelling reasons too, perhaps your health, being a role model to your children, or just feeling so bad about yourself and so unhappy.   When food has been an issue for a long time, maybe all your life then it can be difficult to make a change.

It’s hard when you feel like a failure because you have tried so many things and scared to try something else.  So many diets, where you feel like you are depriving yourself only to slip into old habits really quickly.

You’d love to change your attitude to food and make healthy eating a part of your life, you would love to stop over eating, binge eating or emotional eating and be in control of what you eat and lose weight. You would love to feel be happy with your weight and size, feel healthier and more confident.

If this sounds familiar then you are not alone – there are lots of women who are struggling just the ways you are – battling with  their emotions,  cravings and  the constant struggle to start to do something to get away from how they feel.

But I know it can change, we all can change if we can take the first step and ‘Believe it’ with hypnosis weight loss.

“The best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now”

Spoiler warning, if you want instant weight loss in a week, then this is not for you.  I advocate a healthy weight loss that is sustainable.  So the ‘Sparkle formula for Weight loss and Vitality’ does require commitment from you to see positive change in your life.   I will support you, guide you, and challenge you, working as a team to help you with hypnosis weight loss to achieve your goals.

Using the ‘Sparkle formula for Weight loss and Vitality’ for hypnosis weight loss  I have helped women like you gain freedom from their emotional eating and cycle of dieting failure.  The ‘Sparkle formula for Weight loss and Vitality’ can help you:-

  • Change your attitude towards food to make healthy eating part of your life
  • Stop overeating, change your habits and lose weight
  • Gain the confidence and self-belief to achieve your weight loss goal
  • Obliterate your constant battle with food and unhappiness with yourself and gain your inner sparkle, and be the person you wish to be

The Sparkle formula for Weight loss and Vitality is not another diet, it’s a way of helping you deal with your emotions, eating triggers and find out why you eat the way you do and change the way you feel to discover new and healthy eating habits.   It is a way of thinking better, differently with hypnosis weight loss.

Over SIX 90 minute sessions the Sparkle formula for Weight loss and Vitality aims for you to have your eating under control and be feeling more healthy and confident by the end of the programme.  It is a way of helping you to feel better about food and yourself.  It is a way of finding a better relationship with food and feeling in control.  It is a way of being confident that you can do this.

We all have different reasons for our relationship with food and it is important that we discover the story of your relationship with food and with hypnosis weight loss help you to address underlying causes, relax  any anxiety about food and reasons for overeating and to enable you to find new, helpful and healthy ways of thinking and feeling, providing you with many tools and resources to enable you to develop self-sufficiency, focus, motivation and resilience to continue on your weight loss journey.

I use a variety of effective techniques; Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Coaching to help you to emerge from your old eating habits and realise your goals.  It is so important for you identify and focus on your goals and I work with you to achieve total belief in those goals.  You will be provided with information and tools to support you on your journey and you will be asked to complete some tasks to that are part of your commitment to your goals.

The Sparkle formula for weight loss and vitality not only helps you to stop eating the bad stuff, it will also enable you to become more resourceful and knowledgeable about healthy eating.  It also provides nutritional support to enable you to release toxins and stored fats and balance your nutritional levels to give you body a better chance of losing fat and being NATURALLY healthier and improve your energy levels  to want to exercise and do more.  I work alongside a support team of Functional nutritionists to support not only the MIND but also your BODY.

My belief is, and this is based on personal experience too –

  1. Don’t diet – Cleanse –  A body full of toxins, (from food, environment, medications) holds on to fat
  2. Don’t count calories – count nutrition.  In the western world we suffer from Type B malnutrition – too many calaroies not enough vitamins and minerals
  3. Look after your hormonal health – a healthy endocrine system will ensure effective regulation of our bodies vital systems, the engine, the throttle, the glucose burner

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