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Forget what you’ve seen on TV. Hypnosis is not about making you act like a chicken or bark like a dog.

Think of hypnosis as a state of deep relaxation and focus, like daydreaming. It’s a state in which the mind is more receptive to ‘unlearning’ undesirable behaviours and replacing them with new and more appropriate reactions.

I will guide you to enter a deeply relaxed state known as a ‘trance’. This is when the conscious mind (which is rational, logical and helps you to make decisions) becomes detached from everyday worries. When this happens, the subconscious mind (which operates on automatic pilot and is responsible for our emotions, memories and nervous system) is more open to suggestion.

The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind and will always win. This is why we find it difficult to give up bad habits and unwanted behaviours. By talking directly to the subconscious, we can persuade it to make changes to pre-conditioned thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Hypnosis can be highly effective in dealing with negative thoughts and ideas, distressing feelings, fears and phobias, pain, anxiety and stress, insomnia and panic attacks. It is very useful for treating long-term bad habits such as smoking or food dependency. Hypnosis is also effective in enhancing and improving confidence, self-belief and assertiveness. When it comes to emotions, there’s not a lot that hypnosis can’t help!

I favour solution-focused approaches, hypnosis suggestion, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) and Regression Therapy.

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Hypnosis cannot, and should not, stand alone as the sole medical or psychological intervention in any disorder. Any individual with a medical or psychological problem should consult a qualified healthcare provider first.

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