Remove the mental barriers that you impose on yourself with NLP


Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a form of hypnotherapy offered in both my Staffordshire and Congleton clinics, which relies on open discussion of problems to train the brain to find new routes to dealing with them.

Always look for the silver lining. Sometimes this is much easier said than done. Regardless of what happens to you, it is how you look at a situation that affects your life. Adopting a different mindset or slightly tweaking your existing thought patterns could therefore help you to achieve great life changes.

The only thing holding you back from achieving your goals is you. NLP hypnotherapy can help you to remove the mental barriers that you subconsciously impose on yourself.

What Is NLP?

Neuro – nerve (how we use our five senses to gather information from the outside world)
Linguistic – language (the way we make sense of the information we receive from our senses. We talk about it)
Programming – how we control something (our actions, behaviours and choices)

Advocates of NLP believe that our thought patterns and the way we talk to ourselves is programmed. And programmes can be altered, relearnt, or taught. By changing these patterns and the way we talk to ourselves, we can reboot the programme to live the life we want.

NLP allows you to examine the choices, behaviours and experiences you have made previously and then uses them as a springboard to change these patterns and thoughts. It really is a case of adopting a different mindset.

The principles of NLP

  1. Know what you want and have a clear outcome in mind
  2. Be aware and alert, making sure that you have sufficient sensory awareness of both yourself and others when you are moving towards/away from your desired outcome
  3. Have sufficient flexibility to be able to keep changing your behaviours until you get the outcome you want

NLP can help you:

  • To manage stress levels
  • To improve your communication skills
  • To encourage feelings of empathy
  • To resolve destructive relationship patterns
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