Do you feel differently inside to how others see you and how you behave? Do you sometimes find it hard to do ordinary tasks or step out of your comfort zone? Does it feel like something is holding you back?

Our inner image or our own identity can be far from the true picture and can stop is achieving our true potential.  Perhaps deep within is a challenging critical, scared voice?

This identity is created from repeated messages and can be quite distorted.  My own inner image was an of feeling very small and childlike.  This would often present when walking into a busy room, I would feel like a child and much smaller than others, less equal and this would affect my self-esteem.

My clients they will often cite success as gaining a ‘feeling of inner peace’, not always something they expected to achieve, but once found it can feel immensely satisfying, freeing, light, motivating and fabulous! (their words) True accord is found between the inner and outer self, flow in life achieved.

So if you feel that your anxiety, or weight issues, your low self-esteem is an actual part of you, or is just the way you are, or you can’t remember not having the problem, then you could be experiencing an inner conflict and perhaps you have found it difficult to change.

With visualisation, coaching, forming new neural pathways and creating powerful emotional connection you can create a positive ideal self, a feeling that is more congruent with your adult self, that is more helpful, powerful confident and constructive.

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