It’s World voice day on the 16th of April; a focus around the world on choirs and singing. But this day struck a chord for me!  The power of the voice, having a voice is so important to our self-esteem and self worth.  All too often I hear from ladies who do not feel they can say how they feel, or their opinions are not respected and heard.  So for me this day is about being able to celebrate our voice and be heard too.

The voice can have such a powerful affect; I mean who do you speak to the most?  Well it must be yourself… yes, talking to yourself, but what are you saying to yourself.  Is it positive, is it good, and is it kind?

Repeated negative talk, can lead to anxiety, stress and depression.  It can lead to Generalised anxiety Disorder, where we constantly don’t believe in ourselves and find the smallest of life’s challenges overwhelming, catastrophising every situation and event.

Well maybe we need to think about having a different song, tune into a different radio frequency, get away from one type of music and learn another.

We need to talk positively to ourselves or we start to learn our own negative thoughts.  “I can’t do that”, or “I’m not good”. I am sure there are lots of other loud sayings in there too!

How do you think the brain is responding to this repeated criticism?  Well it starts to believe it.   The brain struggles to work with negatives, so if I say “think of a pink elephant” it will.  It will find it difficult to replace this instruction.  So if all you say to yourself is negative, then the brain will believe it and act on it and your confidence and self-belief drops and disappears.

So start to choose your own new vibrant song and replace the negative self talk with positive Affirmations.

An affirmation is a form of auto-suggestion also known as self-hypnosis, in which a statement is made about the future in the present tense, as if it had already happened in the past.

Yes, that’s right. Repeat, please … An affirmation is a statement about the future, made in the present, as if it had already happened in the past!  It is a statement or a desirable intention that you can deliberately meditate on, or repeat in order to embed in both your conscious and unconscious minds. It is a statement that transcends time and space.

When we speak in ‘affirmations’…”I am in control of my life, and I am committed to my goals” our unconscious hears the affirmation as a fact that is yet to be and it immediately seeks ways in which to manifest this new fact. Yes, your unconscious is taking your affirmation in as fact.

You can ‘give yourself’ positive affirmations and repeat as you settle into a calm and quiet place; or you can recite your affirmations throughout the day, while awake and alert. Perhaps while brushing your teeth, or walking, or you can even sing your affirmation in the shower. It works best to recite each affirmation five times.

Such a simple thing to do, isn’t it? With such wonderful results, as well!

The most powerful way to use an affirmation is to say “I am” before that which you want to be, do or have. The words “I am” is your primary link to your identity. “I am” makes a very strong impression on your unconscious mind also known as your inner computer. Be careful NOT to link any negative thoughts with the words I am I, me or mine.

So start by identifying your regular negative automatic thoughts. What are your negative songs (NATS) and write them down.

What can you replace them with? Then write down your positive affirmations in a journal, on your phone or any other place where you will regularly see them.

Then rip up the NAT post it’s and put them in the bin.  Get rid, these old thoughts are not helpful; they are out of date and not needed.

Here follow a number of affirmations to get you started. If they resonate, ring true, sound good, feel right use them. Chose four or five of the following affirmations, or you can make up your own positive statements to say as affirmations based on the information you have just read. You should say these affirmations at least 5 times every day at some point.

I am happy and content – and so relaxed                               I choose to be healthy

I can do whatever I put my mind to                                        I am safe

I love challenges; they bring out the best in me                                 I am smiling

When I breathe, I inhale confidence and exhale timidity         I am in control of my life

I have time for anything I am committed to                             I have all the resources I need

Good luck and enjoy hearing a friendly positive voice everyday!!

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